Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cockroach Ke Liye Powder Loge?

Salesman: sir, cockroach ke liye powder loge kya?
Aadmi: nahi, hum cockroach ko itna laad-pyar nahi karte. Aaj powder denge to kal DEO mangega.

Dawa Aur Daru

DAWA aur DARU mein kya antar hai?
DaWa GIRLFRIEND hai, "Jisme expiry date hoti hai"
aur Daru WIFE hai, "Jitni purani hoti hai utna sir chadh ke bolti hai"

Number Galat Likhwa Diya

Husband: maine kal recharge wale ko bewakoof banaya
Wife: wo kaise?
Husband: maine usko 100 rupees diye aur number galat likhwa diya

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Unanimous Fact

What is the heaviest burden of life?
An empty pocket!!!

Do You Know

1 apple a day = no doctor
1 egg a day = no cancer
1 lemon a day = no fat
1 cup of milk a day = no bone problems
3 litre of water a day = no disease
Send this to every person you care for

Limit Of Stupidity

What's the extreme limit of stupidity?
Two people sitting in a rickshaw fighting for the corner seat...

Lines To Be Remembered In Life

Cry as hard as you want to but just make sure that when you stop crying you will never again cry for the same reason.

Morning Is A

Morning is a wonderful opportunity

to wish

to love

to care

to smile

and to see you in good mood

Good Morning! Have a lovely day...take care!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kill The Tension

Kill the tension before the tension kills you
Reach your goal before goal kicks you
Live life before life leaves you

Traffic Cop & A Guy

A traffic cop stops a guy for speeding.
'I have been waiting all day for you' says the cop.
The guy replies, 'Well, I have got here as fast as I can.'

Zindagi Ki Khubsurti

Zindagi ki khubsurti ye nahi ki aap kitne khush hai balki zindagi ki asli khubsurti to ye hai ki dusre sabhi aap se kitne khush hai.

The Amount Of

The amount of money that is in your bank at the time of death is the extra work you did that you should not have done. So stay relax and enjoy.

Why Do Women

Why do women live longer than men? Because shopping never causes heart attacks but paying the bills does.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kal Na Hum

kal na hum honge na koi gila hoga
sirf simti hui yadon ka silsila hoga
jo lamhe hain chalo haskar bita le
jane kal zindagi ka kya faisla hoga

Yun Bani DOSTI

Dila se liya "D"
lOve se liya "O"
roSe se mila "S"
GeeT se mila "T"
sathI se mila "I"
tab jaakar bani ye pyari "DOSTI"

Relation Is When

Relation is when some one hurts you and you don't hurt back
When some one shouts at you and you don't shout back
But when some one needs you, you always come back

Indians Ki Khas Aadte

'Barish' mili bheegna shuru
'Barat' mili nachna shuru
'Ladki' mili line marna shuru
'SMS' mila nai ki reply chhod ke forward karna shuru

Friendship Is Not

Friendship is not a degree to start and finish within 3-4 years, it's a lifetime course, not just to study but also to feel, live and love. So be a good friend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Khane Mein Kya Khaoge?

Pati: aaj khane mein kya banaogi?
Biwi: jo tum kaho
Pati: daal chawal banao
Biwi: abhi kal he to khaye the
Pati: to sabji bana lo
Biwi: bachche nahi khate
Pati: fir keema
Biwi: mujhe allergy hai
Pati: paranthe bana lo
Biwi: raat ko paranthe kaun khata hai?
Pati: kadhi?
Biwi: dahi nahi hai
Pati: phir kya banaogi?
Biwi: jo tum kaho

Aaj Rab Se

aaj rab se mulakat hui
thodi si aapke bare mein baat hui
maine puchcha kya dost diya
kya kismat maine payi hai
rab ne kaha sambhal ke rakhna
ye meri he parchhai hai

Will You Marry Me?

Girl: will you marry me?
Boy: nahi, hamare mein shadi relatives mein he hoti hai.
Maa ne Papa se ki, Di ne Jijaji se ki, Bhaiya ne bhabhi se ki, Main bhi apni Biwi se he karunga

No Shadows To

no shadows to depress you
only joys to surround you
many friends to love you
God himself to bless you
these are me wishes for you
for today, tomorrow and everyday

People Don't Change

People don't change when you tell them a better option, they change only when they realise that there is no other option.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Uss Lamhe Ko

Uss lamhe ko bura mat kaho jo tumhe thokar pahunchata hai balki uss lamhe ki kadar karo kyunki wo tumhe jeene ka andaaz sikhata hai.

Sweet Love Story

Sweet love story of a school boy: I never did homework in class to get the punishment of bending on my knees in front of my love's bench just to see for the whole period.

If A Person

If a person is silent it doesn't mean he is unknown of fun, enjoyment and thrills but it means life has taught him some lessons which has made him silent.

Mareez Aur Hakim

Mareez: mujhe ajeeb si beemari ho gayi hai, jab meri biwi bolti hai to mujhe kuch sunai nahi deta
Hakim: ye beemari nahi tum par Allah ki Rehmat hai

Mornings Are Reminders

Mornings are reminders that God loves you, you are not just given another day to enjoy but a chance to right the wrong of yesterday. Good Morning and Have A Nice Day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Talent Is Like

Talent is like a perfume bottle. If you never open it nobody knows the fragrance inside it. Act wisely, be open and spread fragrance in your life.

Jhooth Ke Rang

Jhooth Bolna-

bachchon ke liye PAAP

lovers ke liye ART

bachelors ke liye ANIVAARYA


married ke liye JEENE KA MARG

Jhooth ek rang anek!!!

Line Maarne Ke Tareeke

Line marne ke bahut se tareeke hain jinmein se ye 3 mazedaar hain

1. Pencil se
2. Pen se
3. Marker se

kabhi to seedha socha karo:-)

A Beautiful Belief

If God answers your prayers He is increasing your faith, if He delays He is increasing your patience, if He doesn't answer He knows you can handle.

Friends And Medicines

Friends and Medicines play the same role in our life. Both care for us in Pain but the difference is friends don't have an expiry date.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes Something Happen To Us

We know that they are fine but we call and ask, 'Abey kaisa hai?'

We know that we can't be forgotten but we say, 'Bhool gaya beta'.

We know that they can't go without us but we say, 'Mere liye rukna'.

We know that they can't finish all stuff without us but we say, 'Mere liye bhi bachana'.

We know that they will share everything with us but we say, 'Mere ko nai bataega na'.

We know that they are with us in every problem but we say, 'Sath de dena yaar'.

We know its impossible to survive without them but we say, 'Kabhi baat mat karna mujhse'.

They are the best part of us

They are FRIENDS...

Bharosa Uth Gaya

I asked God to give me a smart and intelligent friend




Then he sent you on earth...





Tabhi se bhagwan pe se bharosa uth gaya...

A K.G Boy

A K.G boy on his way to home with his mom saw a couple kissing on the road. He suddenly shouted and said, "Look mom! They are fighting for chewing gum...".

Kitna Bebas Hai

kitna bebas hai insaan kismat ke aage
har sapna toot jata hai haqiqat ke aage
jisne kabhi duniya mein hath na failaya ho
wo bhi hath failata hai GOLGAPPE wale ke aage

Ap Gadhe Ho

Aap GADHE ho

bura laga?
naraz ho?

GADHE means

G- great
A- attractive
D- dear
H- honest
E- excellent

ab to khush?

Muskura rahe ho :-)

Sach mein GADHE ho...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aadat Aur Adaa

Aadat aur Adaa mein itna he fark hai jitna raste ke nal se pani pina...garib piye to Aadat amir piye to Adaa. Ab SMS hum bheje to Aadat aur aap bhejo to Adaa.

Toffee Chabayi Nahi

Toffee chabayi nahi jati to chocolate kha liya karo
wah-wah wah-wah
Toffee chabayi nahi jati to chocolate kha liya karo
Ladki patayi nahi jati to behen bana liya karo

A Butterfly Lives

A butterfly lives only for 14 days but still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment in life is precious be happy and keep winning hearts.

Don't Be Happy

Don't be happy for a particular reason because that happiness ends when reason ends. Be happy without any reason and you will be happy in every season.

Life And Time

Life and Time are the two great teachers. Life teaches you the use of Time and Time teaches you the value of Life. Make use of both Life and Time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kaisi Ho Doctor Ki Shadi?

Doctor ki shadi kuch is tarah se honi chahiye ki doctor ki shadi lage.
Mehndi ki jagah Betadin Solution istemal ho,
Baraat ambulance mein jaye,
Phere Hospital mein ho,
Tasviron ki jagah X-Ray liya jaye aur kya khoob ho agar
Khane mein Vitamin B-Complex ki goli di jaye,
Mehmano ko Chai ya Cold Drink ki jagah Glucose Water ORS diya jaye,
Dulhe ke gale mein haar ki jagah Stethoscope lagaya jaye aur
Dulha shadi ke baad bole NEXT :-)

Chhule Aasman Zameen

chhule aasman zameen ki talash na kar
ji le zindagi khushi ki talash na kar
taqdeer badal jayegi apne aap he ae dost
muskurana seekh le wajah ki talash na kar

Chehre Ki Hansi

chehre ki hansi se har gham ko mita do
bahut kam bolo par sab kuch bata do
khud na rutho par sab ko hansa do
yahi raaz hai zindagi ka ki jiyo aur jeena sikha do

Dimaag Aur Dil

Dimaag aur dil mein utna he fark hai jitna PHONEBOOK aur INBOX mein. Phonebook mein hazaron log milte hain lekin Inbox mein sirf chahne walo ke naam dikhte hain.

Waheguru Has Deposited

Waheguru has deposited love, sewa, sarbat da bhalaa and all kinds of blessings in your ATM account, use without limit. The pin code is ARDAAS.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Friends Are

My friends are the most ridiculous people of the world
Idiots catch my sadness even if I am smiling
Silly billys sometimes dont even giv time to me
Devils tease me till it gets onto my nerves
Sometimes fools have fun without me and don't even care to miss
But still I love each super duper stupid friend of mine
Life is hell without them and hell is heaven if they are with me

Best Time In Life

The best time in life is jab aap apne dost ko bole - "Yes, i am fine", aur wo aapki aankho mein dekh kar bole - "Ok, chal ab bata problem kya hai?" wo hota hai best friend

Morning Has Come

Morning has come and the sun too. The sky is full of fresh light. Now just open your beautiful eyes because a sweet day is waiting for you.

Shadi Ke Jode Kaun Banata Hai?

Ek Dost: yaar shadi ke jode kaun banata hai?
Dusra Dost: aasman mein Bhagwan banate hain
Pehla Dost: yaar galti ho gayi
Dusra: kya?
Pehla: main to tailor ko de aaya

Did You Call Me Dog?

Husband: kya tumne mujhe kutta kaha?
No answer
Husband asks again
No answer
Then again he asks
Wife: nahi kaha plz ab bhonkna band karo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Funny But True Thought

In the past nobody had a Watch but everyone had Time now everyone has a Watch but nobody has Time.

Tip To Reduce Weight

First turn your head to the right and then to the left
Repeat this exercise whenever you are offered something to eat

C.I.D Is Back

haar se pehle main umeed kyun chhodu
haar se pehle main umeed kyun chhodu
Daya gusse mein bola
payment sab ko milti hai
darwaza hamesha main he kyun todu?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roye Wo Iss

Roye wo iss kadar unki laash se lipatkar ke laash khud uth kar boli
LE TU MAR LE pehle!!!

Enjoy Each Moment

Earth weighs 6.6 Septilion tons. Don't make it heavier by carrying tensions and heavy heart. Stay light, laugh a lot, love much and enjoy each moment.

Nani Aur Padosan

Ek bachche ki nani usko godi leke boli soja Diploma soja.
Padosan: why you call him Diploma?
Nani: kyunki meri beti Delhi se diploma lene gayi thi isse leke aayi hai

Arrange Marriage & Love Marriage

Arrange marriage is "While you are walking, unfortunately a snake bites you" but love marriage is going to the snake and saying "Le kaatle kaatle".

When is a HUG necessary?

When you don't have words to explain your feelings and you HUG your dear ones and allow your hearts to communicate with each other.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unhe Pyar Karna Nahi Aata

unhe pyar karna nahi aata,
hame pyar ke siwa kuch nahi aata

jeene ke do hi raaste hain,
ek unhe nahi aata ek hame nahi aata

vo hamare siwa sabse milte hain
aur hame kisi aur se hath milana nahi aata

unhe hota nahi yakin hamare pyar par
aur hame dil chir kar dikhana nahi aata

vo bhul jaate hain chehra hamara
ik hum hain jinhe sapne main bhi unke alava koi nazar nai aata

Jado Kade Tera

jado kade tera zikar hunda hai
sonh teri, tera fikar hunda hai
jado vi milda hai tere sukh da suneha
taa apne aap hi dilon Rabb da shukar hunda hai

Peak Of Optimism

Interviewer: if earth starts rotating 30 times faster, then what will happen?
Candidate: we'll get salary everyday
Express yourself smartly

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kitna Adhura Lagta Hai

kitna adhura lagta hai sab kuch
jab baadal ho aur barish na ho
jab zindagi ho aur pyar na ho
jab ankhien ho aur khwab na ho aur
jab koi apna ho par sath na ho

Thanks To Those

Thanks to those who hated me they made me a stronger person.
Thanks to those who loved me they made my heart bigger.
Thanks to those who were worried about me they let me know that they actually cared.
Thanks to those who left me they made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
Thanks to those who entered my life they made me who i am today.
Just want to Thank you for being there i am my life whatsoever i might have meant to you.

Pappu Ko Kya Hua?

Man to nurse: agar ladka ho to kehna ke Pappu paas ho gaya aur ladki ho to kehna Pappu fail ho gaya. Thodi dair baad
Nurse: Pappu ko supplimentary aayi hai

Company Of Good People

Company of good people is like the shop of Perfume whether you buy it or not you are bound to receive the fragrance.

Everyone Has A

Everyone has a Best Friend during each stage of life but only lucky ones have the same Friend in all stages of life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sagai Aur Shadi Ke Baad Difference

Sagai Ke Baad:
Boy: oh! iss din ka to main kab se intezar karta tha.
Girl: to main jaaun?
Boy: nahi bilkul nahi
Girl: do you love me?
Boy: haan, karta tha kartu hun aur karta rahunga?
Girl: kabhi mere sath dhokha karoge?
Boy: nahi, isse achcha to main mar jaun
Girl: would you like to kiss me?
Boy: yes, i like it
Girl: tum mujhe maroge?
Boy: nahi main aisa aadmi nahi hun
Girl: kya main tum pe vishvas kar sakti hun?
Boy: yes
Girl: oh darling!

Aur Shadi Ke Baad:

Neeche se upar padho

It's Very Easy

It's very easy to hurt someone and then say "SORRY" but its really very difficult to get hurt and say "I AM FINE".

Bagon Mein Phool

bagon mein phool khilte rahenge
raat mein deep jalte rahenge
khuda aapko sari khushiyan dede
baki takleef to hum dete rahenge

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agar Pareshani Ka

Agar pareshani ka talluq dimag se hai to heart attack kyun aata hai? Aur agar pyar ka talluq dil se hai to pyar mein log pagal kyun hote hain?

Keep Correcting Your

Keep correcting your little mistakes because nobody slips down from the hill people just slip by the little stones on the way.

Lassi Ho Jaye

Musafir: beta aap mujhe thoda sa pani pila denge?
Bachcha: agar lassi ho jaye to?
Musafir: tab to bahut he achcha hai
Musafir ne 5 pyale lassi peene ke baad bachche se pucha. Kya tumhare ghar mein koi lassi nahi peeta?
Bachcha: peete to sab hain lekin aaj lassi mein MENDAK gir gaya tha.
Musafir ne pyala zameen par de mara.
Bachcha rote hoye bola: mummy inhone pyala tod diya ab hum kutte ko pani kisme pilayenge

Dur Rehkar Bhi

dur rehkar bhi hum se vasta rakhna
mulakat na sahi par sms ya baato ka silsila rakhna
chhu lo aasma ko tum ye tamanna hai
par hum tak wapas aane ka rasta bhi rakhna

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but only wives and girlfriends have got a GOD GIFTED talent of finding them, remembering them and reminding them throughout your life.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As Reflection Can't

As reflection can't be seen in boiling water same way truth can't be seen in a state of anger. Analyse before you finalize.

Love Is Like

Love is like a war easy to begin but hard to stop.

Why Do Friends

Why do friends keep forwarding msgs instead of talking to each other? The reason is that we have nothing much to say but still want to be in touch.

Do Dost Aur Tent

Do dost safar pe TENT laga ke so gaye. Raat ko ek dost ki aankh khuli usne dusre dost ko jaga kar kaha aasman ki taraf dekh ke bata tujhe kya nazar aa raha hai?
Dusra bola: bahut sare sitare
Pehla bola: iss se kya pata chalta hai?
Dusra bola: aasman khoobsurat hai aur roshni bhi hai
Pehla bola: abey koi TENT utar kar le gaya hai

Sooraj Nikal Aaya Hai

Maa bete se: uth jaa kambakhat dekh sooraj kab ka nikal aaya hai
Beta: to kya hua amma wo sota bhi to mujh se pehle hai

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Would You Like

Ek Aadmi hotel mein murga khane gaya lekin murge ka english word bhool gaya.
Waiter: what would you like to have sir?
Aadmi: ek plate Egg's father !

Future Reality

MAA ke aanchal mein sone ka sukh agli peedhi nahi le payegi
kyunki JEANS pehenne wali MAA aanchal kahan se layegi ?

There Is No

There is no road in the world that goes to Happiness but Happiness itself is the only way which goes anywhere in the world. So be Happy always ...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sher Arz Hai

Lo ek sher arz kiya hai -
idhar bhi sitam ho gaya, udhar bhi sitam ho gaya
idhar bhi sitam ho gaya, udhar bhi sitam ho gaya
msg delete kar do, sher khatam ho gaya

Patniyan Banate Samay

Patniyan banate samay Bhagwan ne kaha ki achchi aur samjhdar patniyan duniya ke har kaune mein milegi






aur phir Bhagwan ne duniya gol bana di

Chinti Aur Hathi

Ek baar ek chinti hathi ke upar baith kar jaa rahi hoti hai, raste mein kachcha pul aa jata hai. Usko dekh ke chinti boli: Jaanu, cross kar loge na ya main utru?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Care For Your Mother

After hard work from morning to evening:

Papa puchte hain: kitna kamaya?

Patni: kya bachaya?

Bachche: kya laya?


Maa: kuch khaya?

Care for your mother !!!

A Wonderful Thought

A confusing and wonderful thought, "Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you have never met in your life."

Every Wife Is

Every wife is a MISTRESS for her husband. MISS for one hour and STRESS for the rest 23 hours.

Support Your Family

Jab kisi ka bura waqt aata hai to uske saare dost aur pariwar uske sath khade hote hain. Yakeen na ho to kisi ki bhi SHAADI KA ALBUM dekh lo.

First Time In Plane

Ek aadmi first time plane mein baitha, jaise he plane ka agla tyre upar utha wo aadmi pilot ko maarne laga aur bola: main pehle he dara hua hun aur tu stunt maar raha hai

Friday, July 9, 2010

World Agar Bina

World agar bina girls ke ho jaye to kya hoga? Galiyan sunsan, College viraan, Duniya pareshan, Tanha insaan na Jaanu na Jaan har taraf bas JAI HANUMAN...

Define Girl

The one who before going out puts on Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipgloss, Glitter, Blush, Kajal and asks, "Mom, natural to lag raha hai na?"

Jo Rehte Hain

jo rehte hain dil mein wo juda nahi hote
kuch ehsaas lafzon mein bayan nahi hote
ek hasrat hai unhe manane ki
par wo itne achche hain ki kabhi khafa nahi hote

Duniya Ki Bheed

Duniya ki bheed mein mile kai log, kuch dil se utar gaye kuch dil mein utar gaye.

Dosti Karne Ka

DOSTI karne ka andaz aana chahiye
Yaad karne ka bahana aana chahiye
aap roz call karo na karo par
ek chhota sa SMS roz aana chahiye

For A Boy

For a boy its easy to lift a girl of weight 60 kg but for the same boy its quiet difficult to lift a gas cylinder of weight 14.2 kg. Strange but true...

Dosti Kar Ke Dekho

PYAAR karoge PARESHAN rahoge, SHADI karoge GULAM rahoge, LOVE karoge DEVDAS banoge, DOSTI karoge to BINDAS rahoge.

Laziness Is The

Laziness is the mother of all bad habits but ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her...

Never Blame Days

Never blame DAYS in your life, GOOD DAYS give happiness, BAD DAYS give experience, WORST DAYS teach lessons and BEST DAYS give memories.

Nayi Soch Ki Ladki

Boy: tum shadi ke baad apne liye alag ghar to nahi mangogi?
Girl: nahi main aisi ladki nahi hun, tum apni maa ko alag ghar dila dena...
Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi !!! STAR PLUS

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Childhood And Adulthood

Difference between childhood and adulthood. Childhood pretends to cry when sleepy to attract mom's attention whereas adulthood pretend to be asleep when actually crying quietly.

What Is Forgiveness?

When asked what is FORGIVENESS, a cute little girl gave this reply - "Its the sweet smell that a flower gives when its being crushed."

Today's Golden Words

Be a REASON of some one's happiness don't be a PART of it, be a PART of some one's sorrow don't be a REASON of it.

Mind Blowing Thought

The most mind blowing and heart touching thought of life:
"Laash pani par tairti kyun hai?" kyunki dubne ke liye zindagi chahiye...think it deeply

New Research

What is the color of frequency?
Frequency = 1/time, that means
1/sec, now
1sec = ek pal
1 pal = per pal
so its PURPLE

puri PHYSICS hila ke rakh di !!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Can't Hold

You can't hold destiny, you can't hold time, you can't hold heartbeats, you can't hold life, but you can hold one thing and that's your smile... So keep smiling

Positive Attitude

Girl's Father: i do not want my daughter to spend her entire life with an idiot
Boyfriend: that's why i want to take her away from you

An Interview

Ek aadmi mobile company mein job lene gaya, pehle hi sawal ka jawab dene par usko bhaga diya. Sawal tha...
Sabse famous network kaunsa hai?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Love Our Self

We love our self even after doing thousand mistakes, then how can we hate others for one mistake. So love your loved ones...

Don't Call Me Dad

Dad: what's your result?
Son: i failed in 5 subjects
Dad: what ! don't call me Dad from now...
Son: but Dad, it was a school test, not a DNA test

Koi Dur Ho

koi dur ho kitna to kya gham hai
magar wo apna hai ye kya kam hai
chahe na ho baat ya mulakat kya gham hai
SMS pe kar le yaad ye kya kam hai

Teacher Had Lunch

Teacher bache ka lunch kha gaya
Teacher: beta ghar ja kar mera naam to nahi bataoge
Bacha masumiyat se: main Mummy se kahunga ki meri roti Kutta kha gaya

Pappu & Guruji

Pappu: Guruji, lambi umar ke liye kya karun?
Guruji: shadi kar lo
Pappu: usse kya umar lambi hogi?
Guruji: nahi, lambi lagne lagegi

Monday, July 5, 2010

Who Is Beautiful???

Girl asked: who is beautiful, me or moon?
A beautiful answer given by boy: I don't know... when I see you I forget the moon and when I see the moon I remember you...

Son Was Crying

Son was crying. Dad came and asked why are you crying? tell me, i am your friend na? Son: kuch nahi yaar ! bas thoda sa Horlicks zyada kya maang liya to TERI BIWI ne mara...

Fly & Mosquito

Teacher: what is the difference between a MOSQUITO and FLY?
Student: A FLY can FLY but a MOSQUITO cannot MOSQUITO

Husband & Wife

Ek husband wife jhagad rahe the...
Husband: mujhe gussa mat dilao, nahi to mere andar ka jaanwar jaag jayega
Wife: to kya hua? main chuhe se nahi darti...

Teacher & Pappu

Teacher: u call your mother as MUM. What will you call your mother's younger sister and elder sister?
Pappu: so simple, i'll call them MINIMUM and MAXIMUM

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dua Karte Hain

dua karte hain apko koi gum na ho
aapki ankhein kabhi num na ho
har roz mile apko ek naya dost
par kisi mein hamari jagah lene ka dum na ho

Whom To Love The Most

Duniya mein do logon se sabse zyada pyar karo -
pehle wo jinhone tumhe janam diya that's your Parents
dusre wo jinhone tumhare liye janam liya that's your Love

Time Alone Can

Time alone can prove the worth of any relationship. As time goes by, we lose the false ones and the best ones stay.

If Love Is

if love is sweet why does it hurt?
if love is deep why does it burn?
if love is warm why do we shiver?
if love is tender why do we cry?
if love is forever why do we die?

Sun Rises Everywhere

Sun rises everywhere but crop grows only where the farmer has worked hard. God is everywhere but His grace is only for one who works hard.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Race Lagate Hain

Ek Dost: chal race lagate hain jo hara wo 1000 Rs dega
Dusra Dost: thik hai par mujhe rasta nahi pata
Pehla Dost: bas tu mere piche piche rehna
Dusra Dost: thanxx yaar !!!

A Witty Quote

A quote on married man's T-Shirt, "all women are devils and i married their queen."

Friday, July 2, 2010

What Happens When You Are In Love?

Seven phases of life:
1. Studies
2. Games
3. Entertainment
4. Love

what are u thinking???

life ends when love starts !!!

Train Chal Padi

Train chal padi... do log train ki taraf bhaage, ek chadh gaya, logon ne uski bahut tarif ki...
Woh Bola: oh no !!! jisne jana tha wo piche reh gaya, main to chhodne aaya tha

A Sad Love Story

A sad love story of a commerce student -
A guy was deeply in love with his classmate. One day he told her that he loved her a lot but she was angry and refused. One day the girl borrowed a textbook from him and wrote a msg, 'i love you too, don't leave me ever'. But the guy never talked to her, four years went by and nothing happened, actually he still loved her a lot but never came to know that she loved him too.....

Moral: commerce guys never open their books !!!

A Few Good Thoughts

1. Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you
2. To handle yourself use your head, to handle others use your heart
3. Do not loose head in success and heart in failure
4. Beauty and colour may attract the eyes but only a smile appeals to the heart most

Time Is Like

Time is like a river you can't touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So enjoy every moment of your life...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Invented Marriage?

Aeroplane - Wright brothers
Cycle - Macmillan
Telephone - Graham Bell
Telescope - Galileo
TV - Baired
Love - Adam
Marriage - Dhundo saale ko pakad ke maarenge

The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy - does not bother, does not shout, does not flirt with others, does not lie, does not manipulate, does not cheat..... and does not EXIST !!!

Zindagi Doston Mein

Zindagi doston mein mila karti hai aur ye dost bhi ajeeb hote hain;
dene pe aaye to jaan dede, lene pe aaye to hansi tak chheen le,
kehne pe aaye to dil ke tamam raaz tak keh de, chhupane pe aaye to ye tak na bataye ki khafa kyun hai,
naraz hone pe aaye to saans tak na lene de, manane pe aaye to apni sanson ko vaar de.
Bas dost zindagi mein nahi mila karte balki zindagi DOSTON mein mila karti hai...