Sunday, November 28, 2010

People Who Are

The best cosmetic for the lips is truth, for the voice is prayer, fot the eyes is pity, for the hands is charity and for the life is FRIEND.


People who are loved deserve to know that they are loved. If you really miss some one don't ever miss a chance to express it coz hearts are broken when words are left unspoken.

Alphabetical Advice For You

Avoid Bad Company

Don't Entertain Fools

Go for High Ideas

Just Keep Lovely friends Like me

Hard Words Can't

Hard words can't touch any soft heart but soft words can touch any hard heart. So, speak in a soft way the world will be yours.


You look sweet when you read my message. You look sweeter when you read my message and smile. You look sweetest when you read my message, smile and reply. So, try to look sweetest.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Have A Fresh Creamy

Have a fresh creamy morning with buttered msgs, chocolaty calls, sweet thoughts, fruity fun with plumpy play and jumpy joy. Have a yummy day!

Khareed Sakte Unhe

Khareed sakte unhe to apni zindagi de kar bhi khareed lete par kuch log "Keemat" se nahi "Kismat" se mila karte hain.

Not All Fingers

Not all fingers are same in length but when they bend all stand equal. Life becomes easy when we bend and adjust to situations.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Smile In Pleasure

smile in pleasure, smile in pain
smile when trouble pours like rain
smile when some one hurts you
smile coz some one cares for you

True Friends Are Like

True friends are like Mornings you can't have them whole day, but you can be sure they will be there when you wake up tomorrow, next year and forever.

Bikhre Rishton Ko Koi

bikhre rishton ko koi roop de do
khilte foolon ko thodi dhoop de do
aapki yaad aayi to SMS kiya humne
aap bhi yaad aane ka koi saboot de do


When people see my msgs they think I am addicted to messaging. They don't know that it's not the msg but it's the lovely relationship with them to which I am addicted.

Testing Your Blood

Testing your blood
pls wait
||| 33 %
||||| 66 %
|||||| 100%


Result: HIV
H - Honey
I - In
V - Veins
That's why you are so SWEET

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Men Are Like

1. Men are like Commercials, you can't believe a word they say
2. Men are lik Weather, nothing can be done to change them
3. Men are like Government Bonds, they take too long to mature

Ek Tooti Prem Kahani

uski barat gayi, meri mayyat uthi
phool us par bhi the, phool mujh par bhi the
mehfil wahan bhi thi, log yahan bhi the
unka hasna tha, mere apno ka rona tha
saheliyan uski bhi thi, dost mere bhi the
kaji udhar bhi tha, molvi yahan bhi tha
woh saj ke gayi, mujhe sajaya gaya
woh uth ke gayi, mujhe uthaya gaya
fark sirf itna sa hai
use apnaya gaya aur mujhe dafnaya gaya

Walking Alone Is

If God will ask me, "What have you earned in this life till today?" I'll just say, "I will surely earn a few tears from the eyes of the person reading this msg, when I die".


Walking alone is not difficult but when we have walked a mile with some one then coming back alone is more difficult.

Monday, November 8, 2010

People Are Beautiful As They

People are not beautiful
as they look
as they walk
as they wear

People are beautiful
as they love
as they care
as they share

If I Am On Diet

Girlfriend: stop looking at the other girls, you are committed now
Boyfriend: oh honey! this is not fair, you mean to say that if I am on diet I can't even look at the menu

Subah Ki Thandak

subah ka mausam aur apki yaad
halki si thandak aur chai ki talaash
yaara di yaari aur yaari di mithaas
shuru kijiye apna din mere Good Morning ke saath

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sky Was Dark

sky was dark, moon was high
boy stopped bike, girl asked why
boy came close, and girl got shy
the boy then said
dhakka maar heroine, petrol tank is dry

If Ever I Was

If ever I was rude to you
If ever I was angry with you
If ever I misbehaved with you
don't hesitate
Galti tumhari he hogi main to SHoNA BABY hun

Agar Koi Puchhe

dukh vi bathere pareshaniyan vi bahut ne
zindagi vich laabh te haaniyaan vi bahut ne
ki hoya je rabb ne koi zakhm de ditta
uss diyaan saade te meherbaaniyaan vi bahut ne


Agar koi puchhe zindagich ki gavaya te ki paya? Te keh dena ki jo kuj gavaya oh meri nadani si ate ko kuj paya oh SATGURU di meherbani si.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Never Try Alone To Take

Sometimes we maintain silence to protect one beautiful relation but too much silence creates distance in every beautiful relation.


Loneliness is what you feel inside when you don't have anyone to talk to you but it teaches you the most important thing in life that is to speak to yourself and to your heart.


Never try alone to take the weight of a tear that comes out of your heart and falls through your eyes. Always remember an idiot like me is here to share it.

Happiest Man Is One

A girl in a book store.
Girl: do you have a book called "Women - Perfect Intelligence"?
Salesman: comic department is on the other side ma'am


Happiest man is one whose
son's photo is on Business World cover
daughter's on India Today
girlfriend's on Filmfare
wife's on missing column of newspaper

New Styles Of Proposing

Boy: can I take your photo?
Girl: why?
Boy: just want to show my children how their MOM looked in her younger age


Girl: why do you always follow me around?
Boy: well, because when I was a kid my mom told me to follow my dreams